Dropping the Tideland Go Library

Yes, the Go Library will be discontinued. And there will be several changes more. But hey, don’t panic. 😄 Reason behind it is, that the Go Library has grown too much over time. And sadly all the contained packages cover very different and independent areas. So as a result I already migrated the former Go Library Cells into the GoCells and the Go Library Web into the GoREST project. Additionally GoCouch already directly has been started as own project as well currently the Redis client moves into GoRedis.

Welcome to the new Tideland site

After being unhappy with the last approach to a Tideland web site I now decided to use Hugo as my page generator. This cute application written in Go provides a very good way to maintain the content in Markdown and use the standard Go templates. I’ll provide here some overviews over the Tideland projects together with blog entries about them. These are announcements, e.g. for new releases, news about plans, and information about the usage.