Go Library v4.24.2 released

This bugfix release for the Tideland Go Library affects three packages.

The first one is only a small documentation typo in gjp, nothing worth this release. But the second one is in logger. Here I had a test logger as backend in the tests. This now became helpful in other tests too. So I moved it together with helpful methods for testing as TestLogger into the public package itself. The TestLogger embeds the standard Logger interface but also provides

  • Len() int
  • Entries() []string
  • Reset()

This way logged output can be used in tests too. One example is the third change in this bugfix. In loop loops without a description became a UUID as generated description (which made no sense). Inside the logs then starts, restarts, and stops with this UUID had been logged, not very helpful. So now if a loop has no description nothing will be logged anymore. In case this information is helpful - like it’s done in Go Cells - simply give your loops a description.

More about the project at PROJECTS → Go Library.