Go Library v4.24.0 released

Short time after the version 4.23.0 the 4.24.0 has been released. It’s a nice mix of different package extensions.

The first one extends and fixes the audit test package. So Assertion now provides WaitTested() to run a user defined test function after receiving data on a signal channel out of a goroutine. So far only equality has been testable. Additionally Assertion now knows SetFailable() to pass the testing.T in a testing.T.Run(). Otherwise in case of a failing test the system panics.

Also the gjp package has been extended. There’s now a Builder to dynamically construct JSON documents and Document now provides Query() to retrieve a set of matching paths by glob like patterns.

To check if a string matches these kinds of patterns the stringex package now contains the function Matches().

More about the project at PROJECTS → Go Library.