Go REST Server Library v2.15.0 released

Short time after verion 2.14.0 I had to release the version 2.15.0. Sadly it’s incompatible with its predecessor, but only with the new introduced Job method Path(). This now returns an instance of the type Path providing more detailed access to its parts.

Beside getting these by index the Path now also contains accessors to Domain(), Resource(), and ResourceID(). The accessors provided by Job are now deprecated and will be removed at some time later when version 3 will be reased. But this is currently not planned near-term.

Another difference is the returned value of ResourceID(). While it in Job returns the combined parts behind the resource part it returns only part three in Path. The new method Path.JoinedResourceID() now return the combined one.

More about the project at PROJECTS → Go REST Server Library.