Go Library v4.23.0 released

The new version 4.23.0 contains two major changes. First is the new package gjp, an acronym for Generic JSON Parser. Reason for it is the fact, that sometimes JSON documents aren’t very good representable by nested Go structures. Here Go allows to parse documents into empty interfaces. But these are inconvenient to handle too. The GJP encapsulates this way of parsing and provides access by pathes. Think of the following document parsed with myDoc, err := gjp.

Go REST Server Library v2.15.0 released

Short time after verion 2.14.0 I had to release the version 2.15.0. Sadly it’s incompatible with its predecessor, but only with the new introduced Job method Path(). This now returns an instance of the type Path providing more detailed access to its parts. Beside getting these by index the Path now also contains accessors to Domain(), Resource(), and ResourceID(). The accessors provided by Job are now deprecated and will be removed at some time later when version 3 will be reased.

Go REST Server Library v2.14.0 released

It contains two changes. The parts of a request path are now retrievable via Job.Part(index int) string. ResouceHandlers now can have methods better matching to REST than the standard methods. The mapping is POST to Create() GET to Read() PUT to Update() PATCH to Modify() DELETE to Delete() OPTION to Info() In case of a handler implementing both, e.g. Get() and Read(), the standard one will be taken. So here Get() due to the HTTP GET.

Welcome to the new Tideland site

After being unhappy with the last approach to a Tideland web site I now decided to use Hugo as my page generator. This cute application written in Go provides a very good way to maintain the content in Markdown and use the standard Go templates. I’ll provide here some overviews over the Tideland projects together with blog entries about them. These are announcements, e.g. for new releases, news about plans, and information about the usage.